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Saturday, May 9, 2009

what is friend?

True friends will never let each other down ,
True friends will tell each other when they are right or wrong ,
True friends listen to their problems without casting judgment ,
True friends are never afraid to tell you like it is,

A true friend knows when to say no,
A true friend will never flop you
A true friend will be supportive of all you do,
A true friend will be there to dry your weeping eyes,

A true friend will lend a shoulder for you to cry on,
A true friend cares how you are doing ,
A true friend cares about your day-to-day life,
A true friend always calls and checks up on you,

A true friend gives of himself/herself without asking for anything in return,
A true friend would not lend you money but give you whatever they can,
A true friend may argue, fuss, and fight with you but will always be there for you,
A true friend forgives you for your shortcomings.

A true friend will come to your aid no matter what time of day it is,
A true friend doesn’t wait to hear from you to make the first call,
A true friend just calls to chitchat with you,
A true friend is like a Godsend in times of perils,

A true friend is always welcoming,
A true would give you the coat off their backs,
A true friend knows enough is enough,
A true friend will be by your side when you need them the most,

A true friend will run an intercept or blockage for you,
True friends will CYA for each other,
True friends knows that this world wasn’t promised to us,
True friends make the best of a bad situation,

True friends keeps each others secretes,
True friends keeps no secretes from one another,
True friends share each other’s lives,
A true friend is forever,

Are you a true friend?
Ask yourself that question,
Can you be a true friend?
Do you deserve a good friend?

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